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Pretty In Pink

Pretty In Pink

This piece was a lot of fun to paint. I was going to clear some thistles from a section of our Garden last Summer when I noticed that so many bees were working on them. Needless to say I decided not to clear the thistles until the autumn. Instead I took some photographs and set about painting these beautiful insects at work. Much of the painting was painted wet into wet and creamy into damp. I used a whole selection of brushes from small detailers for the fluffiness to long rigger brushes to describe the thistles. Finally I used larger round brushes for the larger shapes and splashes. If I had to recommend any colour at all to add to your pallet it would be Opera Rose by Winsor and Newton for those gorgeously vibrant pops of pink!  


Original watercolour on Sanders Waterford 635gm high white paper

30.5 x 21.5cm

Price £325.00, signed, unframed 


A3 giclee print, 42cm x 29cm, signed, embossed, printed on archival textured paper, unframed  £95.00 


Special Offer

Postage is free of charge :) 


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