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Sold out on this website. Painting Birds, Expressive Watercolour Techniques

Sold out on this website. Painting Birds, Expressive Watercolour Techniques

My new book on painting birds using expressive techniques can be ordered through a variety of retailers such as Amazon, WHSmith, Waterstones, Bloomsbury Press and Herbert Press.

Musician Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin got a sneak preview of it at my studios recently and very kindly endorsed it with the following words:


"Inspirational and encouraging. With ease and eloqence Sarah moved me through a kaleidoscope of revelations. Introducing her style and technique puncuated with experiment and abandon. The detail, clarity and explanation makes this a very exciting and special experience...encouraging and most impressive."

Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin

Thank you to all of you who ordered signed copies and prints. These have now been dispatched.

Tax and duties on overseas orders.

Please note that international duty charges may be applied. The recipient will be liable for any such duties or taxes. In the event that such payment isn’t made to the courier, then you risk the items being returned to Arley Studios. All postage and admin fees will be deducted before any refund is paid under these circumstances.


Here is some additional information about the book


A guide to capturing the beauty of birds using modern, expressive watercolour painting techniques.Painting watercolours in a loose style is a technique admired by many artists, yet there are a range of skills to master in order to achieve a sense of freedom and lightness of touch. Birds present us with a vibrant array of colours and textures – from the iridescent plumage of the hummingbird to the zingy turquoise blue of the kingfisher – and with such varied and lively characters they are a wonderful subject to paint.Supported by instructional photos throughout, experienced artist Sarah encourages you to let go of the detail whilst providing you with all the techniques required to paint beautiful and characterful portraits of birds with colour and verve.- 10 step-by-step projects accessible to complete beginners and more experienced artists alike. Learn the importance of shape and tone in depicting form.- Discover how watercolour works through experimentation and play with different tools and techniques.- Explore various colour palettes, composition techniques and background basics.- Develop your approach to key features such as feathers, feet, wingspans and faces and other tricky areas such as creating texture, adding shadows and achieving translucency.

    Expected to Ship by Mid February 2024

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