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Join me for another FREE Live Instagram tutorial on the 25th April 2024!

The live class in February was so popular that I am planning another one on Instagram on 25th April 2024 at 18.30 GMT.

During this event, I’ll be sharing tips and tricks on how to paint the 3 chickens featured in my painting “Girls Night In”. I know that many of you love this painting so I’m excited to share the process with you.

Instagram Live feed - 25th April at 18:30 GMT

"Girls Night In" process video now available on Special Offer for £7.50!

I have produced a “no frills” process video with accompanying text and some useful resources on my website on how to paint these 3 little ladies.

You can purchase the video via my website & download the content onto a device of your choice and keep it forever 😊


During this video I use just 4 colours to create 3 hens using expressive watercolour techniques. The warm up exercises on Instagram will help you understand the techniques used in this process and include discussions on colour mixing, edge control and painting wet in wet and wet into dry.

Although the video is aimed at those at an intermediary and advanced level, there are a number of exercises in it that will benefit all artists. The process video incorporates loose brush work and colour mixing both on the palette and on the paper. I hope you enjoy it.

With thanks to Johanna Ratia for the beautiful photo reference.

NB please note that these are large files which I’ve broken down into 3 sections for ease of use. Download speed and success will vary according to your internet speed and computer/cloud storage space.

Video 1, chicken one 1.62GB

Video 2, chicken two 1.62GB

Video 3, chicken three plus branch and splashes 673MB

Special Offer Price: £7.50

You can view more online tutorials via my website-

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