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Free Step by Step Guide: `How to Paint a Christmas Wreath`

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

Christmas is nearly here and it can be great fun to paint your own Christmas Wreath to hang in your home and add an artistic festive twist to your festive decorations! I hope you enjoy painting your own wreath and please send me photos of your work, I'd love to see what you create. Download the free guide below for free, offering step by step instructions and photos of the process.

Download your free guide on `How to Paint a Festive Wreath`, by Sarah Stokes

Watercolour Festive Wreath by Sarah Stokes (copyright 2021)
Download PDF • 3.34MB

Inside this PDF you will find a list of materials and step by step photos taken when I for created a floral wreath. Each petal and leaf was created “wet into dry”. In other words the paper was dry as I applied the paint. I tried to make the colour of each shape unique by dropping in different colour combinations and different tones. I would recommend drawing each section out prior to painting, as it can get confusing when building the layers up. Most of this wreath was achieved using a size 10 round brush, with the exception of the berries (size 0 brush) and the swirls which I created using a rigger. I’ve shown my colours as a guide but I’d love to see what colours you come up with!

Looking for more Christmas themed art video tutorials?

If you enjoyed this free step by step guide, you can download my new `How to Paint a Robin` video (for a small fee), which is a handy `no frills` video showing the process.

How to by the Robin Tutorial.

Click here to buy the Robin Video Tutorial, which also makes the perfect gift for artistic friends and family members.

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