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New 2024 Art Retreat in the Atlas Mountains, Morocco

I'm really excited to have teamed up with Uptrek again to create a very unique retreat in the magnificent Atlas Mountains, near Agadir in Morocco, Africa. This retreat takes place in September 2024 and you can see more details via my website- Moroccan Art Retreat | Sarah Stokes Artist

With a jeep excursion to the fabulous National Sous-Mass National Bird and Wildlife Park and trips to a nearby fishing village, castle and traditional Moroccan market, we won't be short of inspiration for our paintings back at base.

ART RETREAT PROGRAMME 24th September- 1ST October 2024

Discover the wildlife of Morocco through your paintbrush on this transformative art retreat. From the serenity of Atlas Kasbah to the untamed beauty of a nature reserve, immerse yourself in the vibrant landscapes and unparalleled birdlife diversity of the region. Whether you're a seasoned artist or just embarking on your creative journey, find inspiration in every corner of this magical land. At the expressive wildlife art retreat, you will learn how to:

  • Depict expressive wildlife, with your own mark

  • Improve your ability to lighten, darken, and control watercolor on the page

  • Better understand tone and shape

  • Explore several wildlife subjects, native to Morocco

  • Achieving loose, expressive strokes

  • Color match, create specific colors, and avoid muddiness

  • Retain fluidity in a painting

  • Incorporate natural elements such as water, trees, and foliage

  • Capture a sense of place

  • Accentuate other colors to create movement in a piece

  • Paint from reference

  • Use household items (such as salt or cling film) to create unusual effects

  • Develop your confidence and freedom of expression

  • ...and so much more.

In addition to painting with me every day, you'll dive deep into the traditions of Morocco. Experience a traditional tea ceremony, rejuvenating hammam sessions, and a gastronomic dance of flavors.

Find out more & how to book: You can find lots more information and book online via the Uptrek website- Expressive Wildlife Art Retreat with Artist Sarah Stokes in Morocco | UpTrek

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