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How to create the first layer of your landscape…free You Tube tutorial

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

At the bottom of this page is a YouTube link to a useful little freebie that I created with the guys at Domestika. It's about how to create the first layer of your landscape.

It's important to use that first layer to add some additional elements such as foliage and background trees or hills for instance. Make sure your paint is thick enough when you're adding to an already damp wash to avoid unwanted blooms.

Please excuse the error in the video in which I refer to the background as foreground... all designed to confuse!!

This is all covered fully in my Domestika course which can be found here

If you buy the full course, be sure to use the link above and this code at checkout for 15% off


Enjoy the free mini tutorial by clicking the YouTube link below

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