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Filming in Madrid with Domestika!

This month (March 2022) I've been filming my fourth and final Domestika Course in Madrid which has been really exciting!

I've been painting bees and flowers for my fourth and final course for Domestika. This will be launched in time for the summer months and of course, I'll make sure you have a special discount code as a thank you for your support.

During the course, you'll get to find out how to draw bees in charcoal using techniques that will help you depict any furry animal. You'll also learn how to apply gold leaf to add pizzaz to your piece (like you can see in the image above).

This course also explores free hand drawing and loose watercolour techniques to paint pollinators at work amongst beautiful wild flowers and cloudless skies.

Filming in Madrid

I had so much fun making this course in Madrid and despite lost baggage and a move of studio due a leaking ceiling, we got it wrapped up in just four days! I know you're going to love this course. Here are some behind the scenes shots of how the magic happens!

Domestika Courses

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