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Autumn Embrace- Art & Well-Being Retreat 2022

Our first ever Art & Well-Being Retreat went really well. Read this blog to find out more, including testimonials and photographs from the retreat.

Our first ever Art & Well-Being Retreat- Autumn Embrace took place this year and went incredible well. Lynne and I would like to thank everyone who attended and we hope you had a fantastic time.

We had fabulous weather. It felt like Spring, but with all the enchanting colours of Autumn. We were able to do lots of foraging each day and long walks. We were lucky to see foxes and pheasants as well as other wildlife and gathered feathers, Indian runner beans, walnuts and noticed the beautiful intricacies of the pine cones, which have taken years to grow.

Each day we did half an hour of mindfulness and we enjoyed lovely food, foraging, companionship and artwork. It really was a wonderful retreat.

Thanks to everyone who has shared their feedback with us. Here are a few of the messages we've been sent about the course.

Feedback from the Autumn Embrace 2022

"Sarah's Art & Well-Being Retreat was just the perfect mix of gentle invitation to mindfulness, awakening creativity and so much joy. In Arley she found the perfect place for the soul to relax. Learnt so much and never felt under any pressure. Can't wait for the next one! Thanks for everything and also to Lynne. Would not have felt the same without you".

"I have experienced a few of Sarah's workshops and weekly classes. There is always something new to learn. The retreat was exceptional as we were made to feel so welcome from beginning to end. Our well being was certainly catered for and so were our bellies. Journaling was a very different concept for me which I will be able to grow and enjoy. I strongly recommend anything Sarah offers, whatever your level. "

"The Art & Well-Being retreat has truly been a life changing experience for me. I had recently experienced burn out and was starting to recover.

The combination of art, being mindful and the togetherness was just what I needed. I was looked after and cared for by the hosts and felt like I could be myself and develop at my own pace. I recommend this retreat to anyone who needs a break from the hustle and bustle of every day life. My experience is summed up in this poem that I wrote on the morning of the last day..."

Autumn in Arley (poem)

The retreat has come to an end. I've learnt a lot, especially about colour blend.

Sarah showed that blue and yellow makes a green.

And with Lynne's cakes, I wouldn't come home lean.

That doesn't matter because I've had a wonderful stay.

And I know that I will find my way.

"I cannot recommend Sarah's retreat highly enough. It was more than I ever expected it to be. We were given an exceptional level of teaching which has inspired me in ways that I didn't expect. After just 4 days it changed my outlook on life as well as encouraging me in my art. This was helped by a calming start to each day listening to beautiful music, poetry and quotations from Lyn and amazing walks on which we collected ideas to inspire our painting. I cannot fault the amazing time I had. Thank you Sarah, I'm so looking forward to the next one."

"It was a chance to unwind, switch off and absorb life around me. I had never painted before so this is a totally new experience. Sarah has a teaching style that accommodates all levels, I would definitely recommend. "

"The retreat is ideal for escaping the pressure and strains of life. Time to release and breathe with gentle meditation, which helped me forget my worries. Sarah's passion influences your own ability. For me as a newcomer, watercolour and art is a new found hobby in my retirement. "

Poem written by Lesley and Alice

In a village called Arley

There's a wonderful retreat

With mindfulness and art

A warm welcoming greet.

Arriving with apprehension

Of what time may bring

Soon, gone was the tension

As our art starts to sing.

Sarah teaches with passion

There’s relaxation with Lynn

Excitement for every lesson

So we just got stuck in.

Learning to see nature

Through a different perspective

With teaching that nurtures

In our work, its reflected.

There’s laughs and there’s giggles

With watercolour and gouache

There’s splodges and squiggles

Pools of colour to splash

Memories we’ve made together

It’s been magical and fun

Hoping they'll last forever

Our journey's just begun.

So let’s take this time

To see what we’ve learned

This new journal of mine

Has been so well earned.

There’s been ups and some downs

Mistakes and pure messes

Gaining skills to correct them

Gives us our creative blesses.

Many thank to you all

For the experience we’ve gained

We’ve had such a ball

And hope to see you again.

Photographs from Autumn Embrace 2022

If you've been inspired by the words spoken about Autumn Embrace and you'd like to join our next Art & Well-Being Retreat, our next one is in Spring 2023 & we're taking bookings.

Create & Bloom Art & Well-Being Retreat

Delivered by Sarah Stokes & Lynne Hughes

20th-23rd April 2023

£775 per person (£100 deposit to secure your place)

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