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New Domestika Course Out Now!

Get a 15% discount for a limited time only using the code in this blog.

I’m thrilled to announce the pre launch of my new Domestika course today (Friday 19th August). I know from my inbox that many of you have been waiting for this course to launch, so thank you so much for your patience! The subject is how to create a beautiful meadow scene full of wild flowers and pollinators using expressive techniques as well as painting from the imagination.

Domestika Course Link

Follow this link to find out more about the techniques, exercises and projects created on the course (be sure to enter the temporary discount code below).

Get your 15% Discount!

The course is now on pre-launch which means you can buy it ahead of release. Please apply the discount code below to get 15% off at checkout. This is a temporary code, available for a few days.


I really hope you enjoy the course as much as I enjoyed creating it!

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